Thursday, January 26, 2006

This Just In: Shapiro A Total Douche

I blame myself to some extent. I just assumed that Shapiro was going for Delcarmen INSTEAD of Mota, since, you know, Mota "failed" his physical. But no, Shapiro is requesting that the Sox send Delcarmen in ADDITION to Marte, Shoppach, Mota, and one of Jed Hoyer's first two children. Again, I am using all caps for emphasis.

In return he will send over Coco Crisp, David Riske, and Josh Bard (maybe). One, has anyone ever gone from well-rated to hideously over-rated faster than Crisp? Christ, with Marte everything written is over-rating; he's never done anything. Crisp in three days has gone from a young, somewhat cost-controlled left-fielder who may or may not be able to play center and bat lead-off to a phenomenal defensive center-fielder and a better hitter than Johnny Damon any day of the week.

Riske is a set-up man with good peripherals (lately) who eats a lot of innings as a set-up guy but doesn't appear to thrive in the fire (hence Gammons reportedly referring to him has a 6th inning guy - woo hoo!). Bard is completely, utterly useless. He could perhaps be an extra character in The Drew Carey Show. That's the role I see him in.

I always felt that the press surrounding the Mota physical always reeked of a set-up, and that media-wise in general Shapiro was stoking the fire under the Boston FO to force a deal with the leak his FO later complained about. By getting the Sox' ultra-rabid fanbase fired up about a new centerfielder he put incredible pressure on the Sox to get the deal done somehow, some way, and then tried to bait-and-switch his way into Delcarmen. Or so I thought. I would have given him some credit for gamesmanship there, especially in light of his underestimating his own fanbase's averse reaction to the deal, but this is just wretched, stinking, avarice.

I hope the Sox stay far, far away from Shapiro unless he comes back to earth. This whole thing has left a very sour taste in my mouth, and I will not be looking favorably on the Indians this season. In the past I barely looked upon them at all, but now I will focus the stink-eye on them - that's right, the stink-eye - and delight in their demise, or worst-case scenario be disgusted with their wild-card scramblings. Hopefully the former.

Yes, I am taking it too personally. I'm a Red Sox fan. It's what we do.


go browns said...

douche???? have you ever seen any of these three guys play a game??? crisp will be an all star for boston, riske will save your weak ass bullpen and bard will back up and not cause any problems. what are the indians getting? a guy who failed his physical and three if-comes. remember ted cox?? the other can't miss third base prospect the bosox gave the tribe?

Shea said...

Well, it's good to know somebody actually reads this. I can understand being a Homer, hell, who can't? But this is kind of silly. First off, the trade that brought Ted Cox was a pretty fair trade. Cleveland got two decent starters in Wise and Paxton, and two touted prospects in Bo Diaz and Cox. As it turns out, Cleveland's FO screwed Cox as you can read here

Funnily enough, this would mirror exactly the situation Crisp will be put in in Boston. New position that he hasn't proven himself too comfortable in, plus new hole in the lineup.

Riske CAN be good, I'll give you that, if he can find any innings in a bullpen that is actually pretty damn strong right now. Cleveland's management didn't care for him at all, so not sure what that means.

There is no defending the Bard move, unless you're talking from a Pawtucket standpoint. He is not even a AAAA player, and we already have two backup catchers.