Tuesday, May 23, 2006

For the love of god.

This is the boxscore from tonight's game - read it if you can. The LOB column is particularly disconcerting. This will go down as one of the great ignoble losses of the 2006 season, made particularly loathsome due to the unpalatable HR Bad Timmeh gave up to uber-douche Arod and, correspondingly bad, Big Papi's 0-4 collar.

This was just one of those games where everything went wrong. It happens. It hurts that it happened against a Yankee team that is pretty beat up and against a Yankee starter that no longer has any business being in the bigs, but there you have it. Tomorrow's another day, and we'll be looking at a nailbiter with Matt "Sybill" Clement facing off against the brittle, psychotic, disfigured hick Randy Johnson. That will be one I just might have to sneak out early to watch.

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