Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Movin' On Up

Yes, yet another double entendre! What are the odds.

This is a short post to apologize for the dearth of Sox-related mocking and pseudo-analysis but I am in the midst of moving house, and as everyone knows this process is death.

Today's news of course is the signing of Indians castoff Jason Johnson. Herald has a quick riff here. There are two things of note about Johnson, off the cuff. One, he is diabetic, which means he holds a special place in my heart as my sister is also diabetic and I have the utmost respect for people who deal with the condition. Two, he appears to have a bizarre groundball to flyball ratio this year - 2.53:1 according to That is generally a good thing. His HR/9 is right around 1.1 which is not AWFUL, so I guess I don't know how someone with those peripherals can get beaten up as much as he has in his last eight games (he's 1-7 with a 7.74 ERA).

Oh wait, maybe it's the nearly .350 BABIP opponents are enjoying against him. Granted, Cleveland's infield defense is not spectacular - Jhonny Peralta does look like he's hitting the buffet between innings - but either he's tremendously unlucky or guys are hitting the aforementioned ground balls so hard they are unplayable. I guess we'll see. Historically he looks like your run of the mill #5.

And, um, he's probably better than Snyder or Clement.

Bear with me while I move, and once the Sox lose and I cannot be blamed for jinxing them I'll return with even more caustic wit than ever. Or, failing that, the general rambling you've come to expect.

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