Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Steinbrenner Calls In Favor From Anti-Christ

Well, I think we all learned a valuable lesson tonight - the two wrongs don't make a right lesson I've been ducking all these years. I thought perhaps that on 6.6.06 The Anti-Christ might be able to use his powers for good, but this was not the case. Rudy Seanez was seen talking to an elderly horned gentleman who smelled of bryl-cream and tapioca and was sporting an oudated turtleneck, and shortly thereafter he coughed up the ballgame by walking famed cheater Jason "HGH" Giambi.

Say what you will about DJ Juicy G, but he's got the best eye in baseball. The Anti-Christ kind of needed to throw strikes there. Of course, if in fact the conspiracy theory is accurate, maybe he didn't. So hard to know the inner workings of the anti-christ.

All we Sox fans know is there goes another disheartening loss against a team that we know in our hearts and minds is inferior. When will it stop? I honestly can't say. I keep waiting for this team to show some sack, and it keeps chucking me. This might be a simple mid-season identity crisis, though. We could still be waiting for the right catalyst to energize this new group of Bosox. The Arod bitch-slap has been used, but it's a classic, so who knows?

I'll briefly address the most glaring incongruity we're seeing right now - Youks batting eighth while a mis-firing Crisp hits leadoff. Tito likes to go optimist, but Crisp just isn't seeing the ball that well right now and the added pressure doesn't seem to be helping. Given that he's a reasonable guy and a team player, I think you have to look at moving Coco down in the lineup. Youks has earned the right to hit up top: until he loses that right it seems the smart move is to keep him there and let Crisp work his way back into hitting shape.

Coming soon: Some Red Sox draft notes from a pretty good day.

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